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Warframe: Hoverboards, Co-Op Ships And New Fortuna And Railjack Features

Warframe is growing again, with new Fortuna and Railjack expansions revealing a new open world area, hoverboards, co-op space battles and your very own robot pet. And it’s a great time to be jumping back in, as explained by this delightful Fortuna and Railjack gameplay. Warframe Fortuna has a release date of coming soon in 2018 and the Railjack release date is between that and the end of the year....[Read More]

Warframe: When is Fortuna REALLY Coming Out? Railjack?

Ahoy thar, Legion! With TennoCon 2018 came a flurry of interviews and the obvious asking of ‘when is fortuna coming out?’ Long time players might recall a similar situation in the past, and today we look at what that might translate to in reality. Text us on Zee Twitter! Share and Like as ya please. We don’t mind when ya do ^_^ Angry Joe’s in...[Read More]

Warframe | Fortuna & Railjack Reveal | My Thoughts

Fortuna and Railjack may be a HUGE leap forward for Warframe. Or will it crash and burn? Fingers crossed everyone. ~Music~ Warframe OST — We All Lift Together — Keith Power ~Keep the Channel Alive!~ ~Twitch~ ~Join the Discord~ ~You or a friend want to give Warframe a try? Use my referral Link to start with a Affinity (XP) Booster and extra Platinum! ~Social Medias~ Facebook — Twi...[Read More]


Ok, you know I haven’t kept up with Warframe in a while, but holy crap if tennocon didn’t completely get it’s hooks in me with the addition of Multi-Crew Space Missions! Check out the video and let me know what you think! Check out the Fortuna / Railjack Footage: This title is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC. Share, Like and leave a comment!

Tennocon 2018 Recap — Fortuna Expansion & Railjack Expansion (All Free!) | #209 DTS Podcast

This week: Tennocon 2018 Recap, talking about the new Fortuna Expansion, a free open world expansion on Venus coming to Warframe this Autumn. Then we talk about the new Railjack expansion which brings to Warframe space vessels, crews, ship boarding & invasion, space ship to ship combat, and more. Our Railjack reaction was extremely positive, it looks fantastic! There are two new Warframes com...[Read More]

AJ’s Warframe: Fortuna & Railjack Developer Preview!

AngryJoe Interviews & Previews the upcoming New Warframe Content for 2018, Fortuna & Railjack with Steve Sinclair and grabs as many details as possible! Twitch ► Twitter ► AJSA Community ►

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