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Tennocon 2018 Recap — Fortuna Expansion & Railjack Expansion (All Free!) | #209 DTS Podcast

This week: Tennocon 2018 Recap, talking about the new Fortuna Expansion, a free open world expansion on Venus coming to Warframe this Autumn. Then we talk about the new Railjack expansion which brings to Warframe space vessels, crews, ship boarding & invasion, space ship to ship combat, and more. Our Railjack reaction was extremely positive, it looks fantastic! There are two new Warframes com...[Read More]

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018 — How To Prepare For Fortuna Expansion

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018, how to prepare for Fortuna Expansion. This guide series features tips for new warframe players and warframe beginners to help you get into the game and ultimately prepare for the new Fortuna expansion coming this fall. In this first video I’ll walk you through the very early stages of Warframe, explaining as much as possible, and trying to give you the best sta...[Read More]

WARFRAME: Fortuna Starters Guide — Beginner Tips For Warframe’s New Expansion

Beginner Tips for Warframe’s new expansion Fortuna. This Fortuna Starters Guide will show you the new vendors, what items to buy when you start, how to get Garuda Warframe, how to get the archwing segment / how to summon archwing in Fortuna. We’ll highlight how to get Vox Solaris Standing, how to complete Fortuna bounties, what to do in Fortuna, and more in this Warframe beginners guid...[Read More]

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